Happiness, Favourite Things and OCD

There’s a real danger of misrepresenting myself in this blog, because I am trying to explain OCD to you.

You have been a loyal and patient reader, but I suspect that you might think that I am depressed and dysfunctional most of the time; it’s not true.

Yes living with OCD is challenging and it makes me cry- a lot, but on the days when I feel good, I am really very happy and I just wanted to reassure you of that fact.

So in this post I am going to tell you about my favourite things. They are in no particular order.

  • Zentangle- no not a new type of spiritual twister, it is a type of drawing that is relaxing and a little like doodling. Great for me as it is totally engrossing and I really concentrate when engaged in it.
  • Drawing owls! I am not very wise and increasingly impulsive, so this new obsession might rub off on me in an emotional intelligence sort of way.
  • Listening to new music. Love the Mahogany Sessions on YouTube.
  • Thomas Dybdahl- his guitar playing and beard in particular.
  • I am also not adverse to a moustache.
  • My husband’s coffee making ability and frothing of cold, not hot milk.
  • iPhones and all things tech.
  • The smell of my son’s neck.
  • Baking with my son, no matter what the outcome. I cannot bake or cook.
  • Rupert Penry- Jones and Jonathan Rhys Mayers. Yum.
  • Old houses.
  • Autumn and winter.
  • Jumpers.
  • Netflix television series – I have to watch every programme, in every new series that I watch, before moving on. That might be OCD!
  • Day dreaming.
  • Writing.
  • My friends.
  • Arty environments.
  • Chocolate brownies.
  • Buying/making presents for people. This one is sometimes problematic as I spend too much.
  • People who don’t give up on me.
  • The West of Ireland, specifically Mayo.
  • Playing the guitar and singing in a choir. (When I am well enough to actually go. Often too tired and fed up.)
  • Not thinking OCD thoughts. Ever.
  • When the people I bug forgive me for being an idiot.
  • My bed and sleep.
  • Especially my bed. Awake or asleep.